Overcome Complex Business Challenges

Build Wealth By Amplifying & Accelerating
Organization’s Growth.

Work alongside long-term transaction advisors with decades of international experience leading, operating, selling, and growing companies in the technology, financial, and real estate sectors. 

With a proven plan of action, an experienced shepherding team, and a powerful network of resources your business could become one of the few companies that reaches the highest level of success.

What Missing Piece Does Your Business Need to Scale or Sell?

What Challenge Are You Facing, Right Now?

Lost Your CFO?

A Terrible Quarter?

Growing Too Slow?

Margin Trouble?

Anxious Leadership?

Skittish Investors?

Personnel Turnover?

Team Not Clicking?

At times your business obstacles will be overwhelming. At other times, these limitations will frustrate your desire for growth.

You want a business the operates with excellence and grows in a highly scalable way while financially benefitting those involved along the way. You want business profits at their highest level. You want a business with the top-level valuation for your big payday exit.

We want that success for you.

The Gross Capital team has achieved this result with countless other companies, and we want to do it again; with you and your business.

Sure, you could do it on your own: struggle to fill the missing pieces and perhaps have a payday.

But, you could also work with the right partner, overcome your immediate challenges and end up with a payday that is multiple times larger and more fulfilling.

Don’t let a missing piece from your business be the reason you fall short of your end financial goal. Remember why you became an entrepreneur, to begin with. 

Want to learn more?

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Gross Capital Accelerates and Amplifies Your Financial End Goal — To Build Wealth Through An Ever-Increasing Income or Business Sale


We Strategically Fill Business Gaps With Experienced Financial Professionals That Partner With You To Maximize Company Valuation & Profitability For Entrepreneurs in the Technology (device, service, construction, financial, home, SAAS, etc…) and Real Estate Industries.

Along the way, our financial and advisory operatives include the following areas of expertise and experience.


Financial Advice

Business Advisory

Due Dilligence Assistance

Raising Capital

Credit Negotiation

Aquisition Advice

Financial Projects

The Types of Companies We’re Working With Now

  • A home building & modular factory company.
  • A sleep product going focused on sleep education and the services delivery space.

  • A european-based stock trading and investment app.

  • A holographic theater technology for use in locations like Times Square, New York.

  • Emerging drone technology for surveillance and taxi usage.

  • Financial technology for credit card processing reporting on a global basis.

  • Encryption improvement technology for the auto industry to prevent easily stolen cars through hacking.

Binoculars looking at sun, horizonBinoculars looking at sun, horizon
The Vision, Strategy, and Our Ongoing Guidance

Our Proven Plan of Action

When we work together, we’ll start by understanding your end goal. Then, we’ll create a strategic plan that breaks down the big problems into bite-sized pieces so we can effectively move towards the end goal.

With a clear vision and strategic plan established, we’ll integrate one of our business operatives into your organization to guide and direct the execution of that plan, monitor progress, and advise adjustments to accelerate the process.

When you’re ready to sell the business, we’ll help you package the story, reach out to potential buyers, negotiate the term sheets, watch out for legal closing issues, and streamline the business transition sale process.

And when you’re ready to start the next company, we’ll be here to launch, grow, and sell the next one.

If you prefer to sustain the business and generate an ever-increasing income, we’ll guide the structuring and operations to build your dream job with the desired income for living your ideal lifestyle.

Your Shepherding Team

Based on your situation, needs, and preferences, we’ll place (or you’ll choose) one of the following specialists inside your business to deliver the value you need to most efficiently achieve your desired outcome. 

The value we provide hinges on the person you bring into the fold. We will work with you to ensure the right person with the relevant experience is integrated into your management team for optimal business results.

Core Team

Senior Business Operatives

Stephen Gross

Stephen R. Gross

Founder & Senior Partner

W. Lee Baynes

W. Lee Baynes

Senior Partner

Specialists For Specific Problems

Additional Business Operatives

Courtlandt Ault

Courtlandt Ault


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